The Raytheon CK703

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CK703 transistor This point-contact transistor is now believed to be the first ever commercially available. I have a Raytheon advertisement dated 1952 which claims that the CK703 was in production in 1948. Since Bell Lab's announcement of the transistor was made in July 1948, Raytheon must have been very quick off the mark. Most publications give the CK703 a date of 1949.

The top end of the cylindrical brass case has a concentric hole through it, showing the top of a short brass rod on which presumably the germanium die is mounted. My image also shows the end of the original tube-style cardboard box in which the transistor came.

The CK703 was soon replaced by the improved CK716, which was visually identical apart from the type number. I don't have one, but I'd love to, so if you have any to trade or sell, please

Both the CK703 and CK716 suffered from difficulties of production, and they were not a commercial success. However, Raytheon went on to make the first ever mass-produced junction transistor, the CK722.

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