EEV logo The English Electric Valve Company was a private company spun off the large English Electric Company in 1947 to hold a valve/tube business it had acquired. This meant that the brand appeared suddenly in the market, where it was very successful and, according to a now-defunct Web page, had become the largest hi-tech manufacturing company in the UK by 1959. In 1960, their transistor production was merged into the joint-venture Associated Transistors. This company was bought by Philips/Mullard in 1961, but the English Electric Valve Co continued to thrive and still exists as e2v technologies who describe themselves as a "global provider of technology solutions for high performance systems".

Compared to most UK electricals of the 20th century, this is definitely a success story. However, the EEV contribution to the early UK semiconductor industry is minor. Information is extremely scarce, and my data books show only a few germanium transistors, described below, and no diodes made by EEV. If you know more, please

EEV VB709 As far as I know, EEV made only three germanium transistors: VB701, VB704 and VB709, the last shown on the right. These are germanium PNP low-power junction types, all with 30 volts max collector-base voltage, and with different gains. All have an fTmin of 700 KHz which is well into the IF range. These are clearly not entry-level AF types. I am seeking examples of the VB701 and VB704, so if you have any for sale or exchange, or if you know anything at all about any early EEV semiconductors, please

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