Switzerland does not really come to mind when considering the early semiconductor industry. However, when researching the data book by Derivation and Tabulation Associates (D.A.T.A):

I came across a number of devices by Ébauches S.A. of Neuchâtel, an important company in the business of Swiss watches. Why they got involved with early transistors is a mystery to me.

If you can provide more detail about this, please

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Nevertheless, it seems that they manufactured (or possibly had manufactured for them?) a number of germanium transistors. The 1962 D.A.T.A. book lists:

  • ES3110 to ES3116
  • ES3120 to ES3126
  • ES3501

The D.A.T.A. Book of Discontinued Transistors 1969 lists these and also includes:

  • ES3511

These are all germanium PNP alloy transistors, and seem to be general-purpose types. The ES311x ones use the TO-23 can, the others TO-5. I cannot find images of these, with the exception of ES3123 which is listed on the superb radiomuseum site.

I would be interested to obtain some examples of these series for my collection. If you know where I can get some, or just can provide more information about them, please