Texas Instruments logo This page is about vintage semiconductor devices made by Texas Instruments (TI), a US company, but the series described below were produced only in the UK. They do however, bear the standard TI logo shown on the right. There seem to be some discrepancies in the various accounts on the Web, but TI opened a facility in Manton Road, Bedford in 1957 to supply semiconductors to Britain and Western Europe.

For whatever reason, TI in the UK manufactured several unique series of devices, in addition to selling US types. In common with the parent company's strategy, manufacture quickly moved from germanium to silicon. I have a 'Product Summary' booklet that describes their devices, dated February 1965. I do not believe that the UK types were offered for sale in the USA.

I do not possess all the transistors and diodes described below, in fact I am seeking some of them. It is noted in the text where I am seeking examples of any particular type: if you have some for sale or exchange, please

1Gseries diode I do not believe that TI manufactured any germanium diodes, in either the UK or the USA. If they did, in the UK they would have part numbers beginning with 1G. if you know of any such device, please

2G302 transistor As far as I am aware, TI in the UK started by manufacturing germanium transistors in the 2G series. Most of these use the VASCA SO-2 encapsulation, such as the 2G302 shown. These include:

  • 2G301, 2G302, 2G303, 2G304 and 2G306 general purpose and switching PNP types
  • 2G308, 2G309, 2G371, 2G374 and 2G377 general purpose amplifier PNP types

It is common for many of these part numbers to have an additional suffix letter, for example 2G371B. I suspect that this denotes gain banding.

Some of these transistors were commonly used in the UK as general-purpose AF types similar to the famous Mullard OC71.

TO-5 2G series A few high-voltage germanium types, 2G383 to 2G387, use the JEDEC TO-5 can. I do not have any of these, if you know where I can obtain examples, please

1S001 diode TI in the UK certainly did make silicon diodes, in the 1S series. In fact they made a large number of types in this series. My image shows the 1S001, which I presume is the first. It uses the VASCA SO-16 case.

2S001 transistor

TI UK then went on to silicon transistors in the 2S series. By this time they had standardised on JEDEC encapsulation, as this 2S001 in the TO-5 can shows. Only some early types are painted black, later ones are unpainted for better heat dissipation.

2S012 transistor 2S036 transistor

Early power transistors in the 2S series use the JEDEC TO-53 case, which has a square flange and unusual hooked pins, as shown on the left for this 2S012. As far as I am aware, this is unique to TI. Again, some may be unpainted.

Later types such as the 2S036 on the right used the TO-3 encapsulation that became the standard for power transistors.

2S502 transistor

A few low-level low-noise types in the 2S series use the JEDEC TO-18 can, such as this 2S502.

wanted transistor

TI Bedford also made a small number of grown-diffused silicon tetrode transistors, types 3S001 to 3S003. These were intended as amplifiers up to 30 MHz. They used the standard TO-5 can, shown painted black on my original data sheet. I do not have any of these, if you know where I can obtain examples, please

CV7061 transistor CV7062 transistor

Texas UK also had their transistors registered in the UK military CV series as shown by this CV7061, equivalent to 2S012A (a high-power NPN silicon AF amplifier), and the CV7062, equivalent to 2S017 (a medium-power NPN silicon AF amplifier).

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